Skills to Become a Master Kayak Fisherman

Pre-trip planning is over, your gear is ready, and you are going kayak fishing! There are excellent fishing tips available to inexperienced fisherman using kayak fishing, and we share them with you today.

Learn to do sight fishing

Sight fishing is where you look into the water to try and spot the fish with your eyes first. You will want to cut the glare from the water so invest in a pair of polarised glasses. The polarised glasses will let you see through as far as visibility will allow. If your kayak is full and crafted for stand-up fishing, practice standing and paddling along a bank or a swamp. There is a range of great fishing kayaks, make sure the one you purchase works well for your choice of fishing.

The art of moving silently

Fish can feel and hear any vibration that you and your vessel will make upon the water, that is why it is essential to move as quietly as possible. Make every effort not to knock your paddle or rod against the kayak or the surface of the water.

Lure changing

It is critical to making rapid sink-rate changes to cover all the depths that you encounter. It is a good tactic to have up to three different weighted jigheads rigged with appropriate tails and using Genie Clips. If a change in sink rate is mandatory, it only takes a few seconds between casts to unclip and change to the critical weight. Competent lure changing could mean the world between catching a fish and not. Practice changing lures before you go on your trip.

Learn drifting techniques

You can use your anchor, but it is better to learn how to drift with the currents. This skill is convenient to take you in the desired direction through your targets. Use your paddles to stroke on the left and on the right to keep you on track. You will discover that it will only take a few strokes to help you keep your direction. Some anglers deploy an underwater parachute to help them drift. It catches enough water to slow the momentum of the kayak preventing it from stopping altogether.

Setting the drag

It is exhilarating to fight fish and to reel in a big redfish or even a small bass. It is crucial to understand how to correctly set the drag based on the strength of your fishing line and weight of the hooked fish.

Knowing to point your tip sideways when you fish upwind is a trick that you must practice. The wind must not push on your drag line and drag the lure from its target.

These things that are shared above is only a few of the things to take in consideration when you want to master the skill of kayak fishing.

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