Maintenance And Restoration Of A Wooden Deck

The deck is one part of the house where it makes you feel like you are connected to nature. You walk out and gaze upon the green and water that mesmerizes you. It gives us a vibe that makes us feel like it is a part of the house, yet not a part of the house. A space made of wood where one can sit and relax with their family and friends and leave all their worries behind. Most decks will surely need a little bit of maintenance here and there, but if they don’t get that at once in 6 months, they will inevitably age and not all that well. A pressure washer will surely speed up the entire cleaning process. It is also essential that you use a deck sealer and seal it up. This will increase the lifespan of the deck. The wood will not be affected by rain and sunlight if you use a sealer. It is like applying a coat of polish. Below we have listed out a couple of things that you can follow to maintain your deck.

–    Remove any loose paint or parts of the wood that is sticking out with a scraper. Scrap down the damaged areas to bare wood; sand up the areas with a sanding paper.

–    Use a stiff brush to remove stain and dirt as well. It would not be a good idea to use a metal brush because that may scratch up and scar the softwood; especially on redwood and cedar.

–    Use a deck brightener product on the surface of the wood and use a stiff bristle brush.

–    Power washing the deck is the best way to remove any residual substances that are left behind. While doing this, apply a lower setting so that you don’t end up damaging the deck. You should let the deck completely dry up before applying any kind of finish.

–    After all of this work is done. Leave the deck for an entire day before applying any kind of polish or paint. Choose from the best deck stain for weathered wood to extend the life of your deck. Use a soft brush when you are doing this to finish into the end grain, seams, and also the gaps in between the boards. This is back-brushing.

–    Finally, it would be best if you use a sealer because this substance will repel the effects of harsh sunlight, which the deck is exposed to all day long. It also makes sure that water just rolls off the deck without staying behind and causing fungal problems.

–    There are also dozens of deck cleaning products in the market. You should make sure to check out the right one and choose it for your deck. Check for good reviews and recommendations.

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